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Tips and Techniques


The What’s and Why’s of Simple Syrup

If you’re into the sweet stuff, chances are you’ve seen a fair amount of baking and decorating videos on Instagram and YouTube. Not only do the Insta-bakers make whipping up a cake look easy-as-pie with their super-speed videos, they get the whole buttercream scrape concept ...


Meet Grace Stevens, the Queen of Buttercream

As any Super Baker knows, the icing you use can make or break the loveliness of your cake, and as far as icing goes, nothing beats buttercream. For those not in the loop, buttercream is a delicious combination of flavourful butter mixed with plenty of sugar to produce a ligh ...


Your Super Baker Flash Solutions

Regardless of their level of expertise, all bakers know that baking is both an art form and a science. In other words, there are a few rules in baking that should never be broken, and then there are few that leave room for a creative wiggle. The best way to know whether you ...


Feeding the soul with chocolate cake

Is it the ingredients mixed to a perfect blend? The smell emanating from the oven just before its ready? Or is it the moist sponge that melts in your mouth as you take your first bite? Actually, everything about a home-baked cake is what adds to the experience of pure bliss. ...


Tips and tricks for working with chocolate

If your view on chocolate is that civilised life depends on it, or that a balanced diet requires at least one portion of chocolate per day, rest assured, you’re in the right place. According to the Smithsonian, the origins of chocolate date back more than 2000 years, and the ...