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Women of CAB Foods: Heather

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Women of CAB Foods: Heather

From the production line creating goods to the in store serving customers, Heather’s story is the epitome of what discipline, consistency, hard work, passion, and what she would describe as, “never failing to try”, can lead to. Her journey has not been one without its hurdles, but it is one of success, perseverance, and an inspiration for all inside CAB Foods and out.

When Heather started working at CAB Foods in 2013 she knew what she wanted to accomplish, to continuously learn more about her job to ensure that she is not only good at it but an expert. At CAB Foods, we believe in investing in the potential of each employee by equipping them with tools to succeed and the knowledge that each person is and can grow within the company.

Heather’s seven years of working at CAB Foods has prepared her for a job she now thrives in, Assistant Manager at our newest store, CAB Foods Paarl. Heather’s love for her work has extended beyond assisting customers and her co-workers, but also into the kitchen where she too thrives and conquers.

There are many more success stories from CAB Foods, many more women and men who put their all into what they do each day in our stores and at our head office. This is just one of a woman whose confidence in herself has lead her to her success.

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