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The Easiest Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Make

The Easiest Chocolate Cake You’ll Ever Make

A lot of us love entertaining at home but wouldn’t exactly challenge Nigella Lawson to a bake-off. So what do we do? We stick to fool proof desserts like ice-cream with chocolate sauce, or simply cracking open a pack of cookies with coffee. No-one complains, but in our heart of hearts we know dessert should be more of an event than mere ice-cream can muster.

At CAB Foods we don’t believe impressive is the same as difficult, and every dessert you serve should be a boost to your baking confidence. For your next dinner party, imagine emerging from the kitchen carrying a four-layered chocolate extravaganza, dripping with extra creamy icing, placing it amongst a table of guests with gobs agape, and saying something blasé like, “I made us a little treat for afters”? The WOW-faced posse slowly turn to you, trying hard not to drool, and reply with an astounded, “You made this!?”

Bakers thrive in this moment. It’s our equivalent of arriving at our high school reunion in a Ferrari.

The common misconception is that creating a showstopping dessert requires superhuman time and talent. Well, guess what, baking that WOW chocolate cake is easy as pie, and you can do it in thirty minutes flat.


Here’s what you’ll need:

4 packs of CAB Foods Microwave Chocolate Cake Premix

2 packs of CAB Foods Chocolate Flavoured Icing Premix

1 1/2 cups CAB Foods Caramel Coated Popcorn

400g softened cream cheese

3/4 cup castor sugar

8 large eggs

60ml sunflower or canola oil


A round, microwave-safe baking pan

A piping bag and 16mm large nozzle (although any other large nozzle would do)


To prepare

Mix one pack of CAB Foods Microwave Chocolate Cake Premix with 2 eggs, 15ml oil and a cup of water in a large mixing bowl. Note, no sifting, no separating and absolutely no faffing of any means is required to do this.


Give your microwave-safe baking pan a little spritz of non-stick spray and pour your batter in. Microwave on high for 7 minutes while you start mixing up your new batch of batter. You’ll soon be rewarded with a lovely, moist and sweet chocolate sponge you can put one side on a cooling rack for about 15 minutes while you carry on with the rest of your layers.

Repeat this until you have 4 spongy layers ready to go. Why four layers you ask? The rule is; One layer for starters, two are ready to go, three layers for a smile and four to stop the show.


In the meantime, between stirring up your batter and popping it in the microwave, you can whip up a batch of chocolate cream cheese icing. Blend the cream cheese with all of your CAB Foods Chocolate Flavoured Icing Premix by hand or with an electric mixer on the slowest setting. Keep mixing until you have a smooth mousse-like and delicious icing. Transfer this to your piping bag.


As soon as your layers have cooled you can start assembling your cake. Create a lovely texture and seal in moisture by giving each layer a little sugar coating. You can do this by sprinkling a baking tray or surface with castor sugar and carefully rolling the edge of each sponge in it until you have an even coating.


Squeeze a tiny bit of your icing onto a plate, cake platter or cake board and use it to stick down your first layer. Pipe the top of the sponge with icing in a blob-like fashion until the top is covered and carefully place a new layer on top. Carry on like this until all four layers are stacked and looking amazing.


To add pizzazz and a lovely crunch, top your cake with a stack of caramel coated popcorn. The salty sweetness of the popcorn complements your chocolate cream cheese icing perfectly, so make sure each slice you serve is accompanied by a few kernels.

Voila! A delicious and beautiful cake ready to impress your guests!


Up for a bit more baking?

If you like to keep things old school and believe cake should come from an oven, try our CAB Foods Chocolate Cake and Cupcake Premix, or CAB Foods Easy Chocolate Cake Premix which is everything the name implies. Both premixes bake a beautifully light cake without the hassle of measuring dry ingredients, sifting it and pulling your hair out in the process.

Of course, if you’re like Carrie Bradshaw who keeps sweaters in her stove, all this might sound like way too much baking. We still have your back.


At CAB Foods homemade is a relative term, and every level of entertainer deserves the best baking solutions to create that WOW cake. Shop in store for our Ready to Eat Chocolate Cake sponges, as well as our sensuously delicious Ready Made Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing you can pipe straight from the bag. No baking, no fuss, just thoroughly impressed guests.

Visit any of our five retails stores or shop online for a world-class selection of baking solutions, ingredients and tools specially selected to save you time while impressing the socks off your dinner guests.



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