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Say it with baking this Valentine’s Day

Say it with baking this Valentine’s Day

The New Year is old news, January’s paycheck finally reached your bank account, and everywhere you go, the world is now decorated in pink and red. Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us.

For those not yet clear on why we celebrate this specific festival of love, here’s what you need to know:

There are various opinions as to how the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day got started. The most popular version is that, during the third-century wars in Rome, Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, and promptly outlawed marriage. A priest called Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Father Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Before his execution this undying romantic did however manage to sneak a saucy love note to the jail warden’s daughter, which he signed “From your Valentine”.

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day for giving and receiving greeting cards, after Christmas. Hallmark was the first company to profit from this ritual when they started mass producing Valentine’s Day cards in 1913.

As it is a day destined for sharing romance with that special someone, restaurants take bookings well in advance, often taking great care in providing a special menu for the occasion. So basically, if you have not made your dinner reservations by now, you had better be pretty nifty in the kitchen.

If neither of the above alternatives are true for you, don’t worry, CAB Foods is here to save the day with the unbeatable power of baking. Whip up these romantic sweet treats and you’ll be sure to remember this Valentine’s Day as one for the books.


Personalised Sweetheart Sugar Cookies

What you’ll need:

1 x CAB Foods Sweetheart Cookies Kit

Cookie Tray

Rolling Pin

Do declarations of love leave you dry in the mouth? Why not let a scrumptious cookie do the talking for you?

Much like the sweetheart candies of old, but way better, CAB Foods let’s you write an edible lover’s message, limerick or sonnet of your very own on a home-made treat. This is thanks to a brand new convenient and oh-so-delectable baking kit that just hit the shelves at all CAB Foods stores. Our Sweetheart Cookie Kit contains the classic CAB Foods Soetkoekie Premix that’s easy to whip up in minutes, as well as Plastic Icing, Heart Sprinkles, a romantic Cookie Cutter and a superbly clever Alphabet Letter Stamp Press that you can use to write the poetry of your heart on a custom-made cookie for your beloved.

For a different take on the Valentine’s Cookie, decorate your Soetkoekies by flooding them with easy to use CAB Foods Royal Icing available in traditional Valentines colours like pink, red and white. Check out these amazing Valentine’s inspired flooding ideas by Sweet Ambs for some appropriate inspiration.  



Double delicious Valentine’s Doughnuts

What you’ll need

1 x CAB Foods Oven Baked Doughnut Premix

1 x Doughnut Pan

250 g Chocolate for melting

CAB Foods Mini Heart Sprinkles

It’s a well-known fact that doughnuts dough-nut disappoint. Be sure to win your Valentine’s heart with these delicious treats made with our Oven Baked Doughnut Premix. Better yet, make them together for a romantic and fun stay-at-home activity.


Bake your doughnuts as per the instruction on the packet. Melt your chocolate over hot water, dip your freshly baked doughnuts to cover them in sweetness, and use CAB Foods Heart Sprinkles to decorate. If you and your beloved happen to find alternative uses for the melted chocolate whilst making these doughnuts, please be mindful of others and share your recipe ideas.



“Be My Cherrie” Valentine’s Brownies

What you’ll need:

1 x CAB Foods American Brownie Premix

250 g Red Cherries

100 g Pecan Nuts

150 g Dark Chocolate for melting

1 x Bottle of wine for drinking, but also a practical requirement

Baking Paper

Brownies are decadent per definition, but take it from us, this version is a must-try and very easy to make.

Start by preparing your Brownie batter as per the instructions on the packet. Add the Cherries whole and the Pecan Nuts after crushing. A few wallops with a wine bottle before you open the packet creates just the right crush, and may even help to aerate the wine.

Once you’ve thoroughly mixed the Cherries and Pecan Nuts into your batter, line an ovenproof dish with a large sheet of baking paper and spoon your batter over into the dish. Bake as instructed and remove from the oven to cool.

Once cooled, carefully remove your giant brownie from the dish by lifting the excess baking paper. Place a plate over the top of the brownie and quickly flip it over so the baking paper is on top. The reason you’re doing this is to ensure the crunchy top of your giant brownie becomes the bottom, and the squishy bottom part is now on top. Peel the baking paper off carefully.

Melt your chocolate over hot water and generously spoon it over the giant brownie allowing some to drip down the sides. Use your heart sprinkles to add some pizzazz before the chocolate sets. Once the chocolate has hardened, cut into single serving squares and start feasting on your rich, sweet, delectable creations.

At CAB Foods we’re all about love. For more delicious ideas and Valentine’s treats, visit any of our five CAB Foods branches, or visit our online store today.



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