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CMC Powder



Product Description

CMC Powder is a powder substance used as a stabilizer and thickener ingredient in many applications throughout the foodservice industry. It can be used in some gum paste recipes or added to plain fondant to create a quick version of gum paste for figurine and edible fondant creations.

CMC Powder to make Modelling Paste

  1. Knead approximately 1 teaspoon to 250g Fondant/Gum Paste.
  2. Once done, leave it to rest for at least half an hour and re-knead before use.

CMC Powder to make Edible Glue

  1. Mix ¼ tsp CMC powder with approximately 50ml of water.
  2. Once done, let the mixture set in an airtight container in the fridge overnight.
  3. Use the glue as required after setting.

Tip: Thin the glue by adding a few drops of water or until the desired consistency is reached. 

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