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SUGAR & SWEETENERS: Isomalt Huletts



Product Description

Isomalt is the perfect sugar-alternative to satisfy the sweet-tooth. You can use this granular artificial sweetener, with natural sweet taste to add a touch of guilt-free sweetness to your beverages and snacks. Isomalt is the answer to the health-conscious baker looking to bake sugar-free cookies and cakes. You can even use Isomalt for your cake decorating. Like sugar, you can use heat Isomalt into caramelized form and mould into artistic sculptures and designs.

How to Cook Isomalt:

Use a clean stainless-steel pot filled roughly halfway with isomalt. Cooking too little at a time can cause unwanted hotspots and uneven colour. Add distilled water only until you have the consistency of damp sand like you would use to build a sandcastle.

Place your pot of isomalt on a burner set at high and stir gently ensuring that you do not cause crystals to stick to the side of the pot.

Stop stirring as soon as the isomalt mixture comes to a boil. Cover the pot and check the temperature periodically with a candy thermometer to make sure the isomalt does not burn.

Prepare a sink of cold water deep enough to stand your pot about 5-10 cm deep.

When the isomalt reaches a temperature of 160°C, remove it from the burner and carefully plunge the base of the pot into the cold water to halt the cooking process. Leave it there until the hissing sound stops.

When the melted isomalt has cooled to about 150°C you can add colour gels or any colour powder of your choice. Bear in mind high temperatures may change the colour slightly, making it less vivid. Always stir the food colouring slowly with a long-handled stainless-steel spoon or spatula, keeping your face well away from the pot as it will bubble profusely. Keep stirring until the bubbling stops and the colour is evenly distributed throughout your molten isomalt.

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