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NUTS: Pecan Nut Pieces



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Pecan Nuts are all-time favourite nuts for the inspired culinary enthusiast. You can use these treasured nuts in a wealth of recipes for a joyful crunch and gorgeous buttery nut flavour. It’s time to call on your guests and showcase your crazy creative cooking and baking skills. Pecan Nuts are a great addition to your stuffings, salads and chicken dishes and compliment your cheeses gloriously. There are endless baking possibilities with Pecan Nuts. You can marry pecan nuts with caramel, chocolate and coffee flavoured cakes and confectioneries and off-sets your cheesecake and desserts beautifully. Pecan Nuts are rich in a multitude of vitamins, minerals and fats making it the perfect tasty snack to add some goodness to your day. You should seal these fresh Pecan Nuts in an airtight container, store in a dry place and use as soon as possible.

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