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How to Order with CAB Foods

How to Order with CAB Foods

Want to shop for the essentials, but don’t want to leave the house? Not to worry, because we’ve got you covered. With THREE different channels to choose from, CAB Foods makes your mobile or online ordering process just that much more convenient!

  1. Order Online:

This is a process many are familiar with but if you aren’t, follow the simple steps illustrated and place yours now!












  1. Order via WhatsApp:

You want it, we got it and you can get it by simply sending us your order on WhatsApp.

  1. Call and Collect

Placing your order is as simple as picking up the phone and placing your order with our Call & Collect service. Follow the 4 easy steps to place yours.

Western Cape shoppers, did you know, you can shop perishable items from the comfort of your home too? Click the link following to see if we deliver in your area:

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