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Easy Microwave Monster Cupcakes

Easy Microwave Monster Cupcakes

This monsterlicious recipe is for the little bakers, not only because CAB Foods Monster Microwave Cupcakes are so delicious and fun to make, but also because baking them is so easy-peasy, you’ll hardly need a grownup at all.

You may however require a parent to go to a CAB Foods store with you and get all the goodies you’ll need. You can give them this list before leaving home:


Monster Microwave Cupcakes Shopping List

1 Packet of CAB Foods Microwave Chocolate Cake Premix

CAB Foods Readymade Icing in all your favourite colours

Any non-foil cupcake casing

4 Tbsp (which means tablespoons) of sunflower oil

2 Eggs

A Mixing Bowl

A Whisk


A Variety of piping nozzles and some piping bags

CAB Foods Eye decorations

An edible print of monster mouths that you can get from any CAB Foods store, or you can click here to order it online.


Before starting your Monster Microwave Cupcakes, make sure you have all your goodies ready and a nice clean surface to work on. This recipe makes 10 to 12 cupcakes, depending on how big you want them to be.

Step one: Preparing your batter

Pour your CAB Foods Microwave Chocolate Cake Premix into your mixing bowl, break the eggs carefully and add them, as well your oil and a cup of lukewarm water to the premix. If you’re not sure, lukewarm means about the temperature you would take a bath in.

Mix the ingredients with your whisk until they are well blended and there are no lumps in your batter. When you are very sure that the batter is well mixed, carefully pour it into your cupcake casings until each one is about three quarters full.


Step two: Baking your cupcakes

Place all your cupcake casings filled with cake batter on a large plate and put the plate in the microwave. Bake your cupcakes in the microwave on the High setting for about five minutes. You may need a grownup to help you with this.


While they are close by (and not doing something boring like watching the news), the grownup who helped you put your cupcakes into the microwave must also help you to remove them as they will be very hot.

Just like no two monsters are exactly the same, microwaves are never completely alike, so the time your cupcakes need to bake might be a little bit longer or shorter than five minutes. You can test whether your cupcakes have baked properly by inserting a skewer or cake testing pin in one of them. If the skewer comes out clean the cupcakes are ready and you can put them one side to cool for about twenty minutes.


While your cupcakes are cooling, carefully cut your monster mouths out of your edible print with scissors. Be careful! It is always best to ask a grownup for help when using scissors as they are very sharp and can hurt you.

Step three: Icing your cupcakes

Cut a hole in the front of a piping bag and insert your nozzle before filling it with icing. You can easily transfer your icing into a piping bag by putting the packet of icing inside the piping bag and giving it a good squeeze.


CAB Foods Readymade Icing works best when it isn’t completely cold, so take all your icings out of the fridge before you start baking. This will give them time to become nice and soft. Use each colour of icing with a different piping nozzle to decorate your cupcakes with a variety of monster-like textures.

A special note for if you live far away from a CAB Foods store, and your parents can only get the goodies you need for you Monster Cupcakes online: You can make your own colourful CAB Foods icing by mixing our Vanilla Flavoured Icing Premix with funky colour gels.


Step Four: Monster time!

When you have piped icing onto all your cupcakes, it is time to give each one a monster face with your monster mouths and eyes.

Very important!! Each of your monster mouths will have a little bit of plastic stuck to its back. Carefully peel the plastic off before putting a mouth on each of your cupcakes (you can let your grownup help with this as well). For a final touch, give each of your monsters some eyes.


Now you are ready to have all your friends over for a Monster Microwave Cupcake feast!

If you are only seeing your friends later, keep your Monster Microwave Cupcakes fresh by storing them in a special cake container or cupcake box.


CAB Foods is dedicated to making baking a fun adventure for young and old. Visit any of our five retail stores or shop online to see our range of convenient premixed products and baking solutions that turn baking into child’s play.







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