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Cookies for Everyone!

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The feeling of Christmas is all around us; we’re smelling it in the kitchen, we’re hearing it on the radio and the fond memories of Christmas passed are coming back to us. Here at CAB Foods that means sharing a family tradition.

When holidays come around, so does cooking and baking for friends and family. This is how the cookie baking for the festive season began in the Lahoud household!

As with all her Cooking And Baking, Grandma Lahoud would make this a family affair. At the start of the school holidays she would gather all her grandchildren for a marathon baking session.


We would make all sorts of biscuits, traditional recipes were top of our grandma’s baking list; Gingerbread, Custard Cookies and good old fashion soet koekies.

Grandma Lahoud would line tables up in her kitchen to create a steady work station for each of her grand children and we’d be put to work; kneading, rolling and cutting out their cookies.

Once they were baked and cooled, they were put into containers and distributed to all the families for the festive season!

This tradition is very much still alive within the Lahoud family, but for the modern day mom’s we’ve gone and made it so much easier to achieve the festive cheer in half the time, with double the fun!

Our cookie range includes:

  • Cut and bake cookie sheets: this includes six sheets of ready rolled cookie dough, so all you need is a baking tray and a few cookie cutters!
  • Ready made cookie dough: we have seven delicious flavours of ready rolled cookie dough, these are easy to use and can be frozen in taken out. You can simply slice the cookie dough and bake or roll it out and cut into exciting shapes before baking.
  • Soet Koekie Premix: this gives you the traditional baking feeling with limited ingredients! Eggs, Vanilla Essence and Butter are the only things you need!

We hope this inspired a new, easy to do tradition in your family!

Happy Cooking And Baking!

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