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Let’s Party


Easy Microwave Monster Cupcakes

This monsterlicious recipe is for the little bakers, not only because CAB Foods Monster Microwave Cupcakes are so delicious and fun to make, but also because baking them is so easy-peasy, you’ll hardly need a grownup at all. You may however require a parent to go to a CAB Fo ...


Join the all-fun no-mess CAB Foods Cookie Revolution

When it comes to keeping kids entertained, the kitchen is a failsafe haven of creative play and colourful fun. In fact, CAB Foods was born from combining playtime with baking when the Lahoud kids visited their grandmother and learned all about baking cookies and licking out ...


Party concept! Summer Splash

Summertime is party time, and nothing beats a poolside Saturday of sunshine, cool refreshments and quality time with friends. Make your next summer get-together a perfect splash with these fun-tastic party ideas! Pool party sports Although a lazy soak in the pool is loads of ...