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Four great benefits of baking with your kids

Four great benefits of baking with your kids

Baking is squishy, messy and delicious, which is why kids love it. But did you know baking can also be highly beneficial to a child’s intellectual, physical and mental development? Besides being a fun and productive way of spending time with your little ones, you can focus on these four benefits while you whip up a feast.


Baking teaches practical math

Kids learn all about units of measurement and math at school, but nothing drives these lessons home like practical application. While you bake, ask your little helpers questions like: “If we use two eggs instead of four, do you think we should use more or less of the flour?” or, “How should we measure milliliters and how should we measure grams?”

Baking is also a fantastic way of teaching slightly older kids relative comparison, for instance, that 100g of butter and 100g of oats have very different volumes.

Once you get into it, you’ll be surprised at what a comprehensive math lesson baking can be. Best of all, if they get all the math right, the payoff is a delicious treat.

Baking cultivates an understanding of nutrition

Busy schedules and convenience catering have diminished our connection with where our food comes from, and what it contains. Although most kids realise that baking requires ingredients like flour, eggs, and milk, baking together offers parents a chance to discuss these components, where they originate and why each plays an essential role in our health.

To be honest, seeing the amount of butter and sugar that goes into baking a batch of brownies might not put the kids off eating it, but will certainly illustrate why they can’t skip their veggies and just have brownies for dinner. With a greater understanding of food and its origins, kids can cultivate a healthier approach to nutrition early on, making them less prone to adopting poor eating habits as adults.


Baking builds confidence

There are countless life lessons that can be learned in baking. Patience is arguably the most important, but also that there are certain recipes you can improvise on, and others you must follow to the letter. Achieving success in baking teaches kids to be confident in their creative abilities, problem-solving instincts and practical knowledge of a process.

A child can always benefit from achieving positive results by following a well-known recipe, or by trying something new and exciting with baking. Statements like, “Look, Mom, I made this myself!”, or even, “Look what Mommy and I made together!” are fantastic building blocks to healthy self-esteem and self-trust.


Baking time is quality time

Besides the lessons learned and the scrumptious result, baking with your children is a benefit in itself, as it is quality time spent together. Have fun with any simple recipe, or enjoy an easy and delicious bake made with one of our famous CAB Foods premixes for hassle-free fun. 

Take a look at this video for some great kids baking idea to get you started. 

At CAB Foods we cater to all your baking needs, whether you are a young Super Baker is just starting out, a seasoned professional, or a parent looking to spend some great time with your kids. Visit any of our five stores or shop online to stock up on baking and decorating goodies to get the creative juices flowing.

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