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Baking hacks you have to try

Baking hacks you have to try

All bakers have their little ways and means of achieving the perfect product. Some believe their favourite measuring cups are the key to success, others say it is all to do with oven positioning. Heating your mixing bowl is a well-known baking tip, but then some believe in chilling it. There are a few out-there theories too; like singing a particular song while whisking eggs to achieve airy sponges.

We respect whatever works for you, but we also seriously recommend experimenting with these tried and tested baking hacks.

Baking hacks you have to try

Keep rusks and cookies fresh for longer by covering the bottom of your storage tin with a layer of sugar first.


Add a pinch of cinnamon to any chocolate cake recipe to enhance its cocoa-licious flavour.




You can whip condensed milk like cream if you heat it for 10 minutes beforehand.


Buttercream that is too soft to keep its shape can be thickened with a half-teaspoon of baking powder.


Dust your surface with custard powder before rolling out cookie dough. It prevents sticking just as well as flour while adding flavour and letting your cookies bake to a beautiful golden-brown colour.


Struggling to get cream whipped? Adding a teaspoon of apricot jam will have it whipped in seconds and adds a lovely flavour.




Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on pastry instead of doing an egg wash. The result is the same and you save on eggs.


Add a quarter teaspoon of fine pepper to gingerbread dough. The flavour is amazing!


A sugar and butter mixture creams faster and smoother if you add two drops of lemon juice.


Microwave fresh lemons for 15 seconds to get more juice out.




A pinch of baking soda makes gelatine set faster.


Never discard milk that has turned. Use it in baking for a lighter sponge than fresh milk could ever achieve.


Use a cheese grater to grate chilled butter if you need it to soften quickly. If you’re in a real hurry place thinly sliced butter in a glass bowl over warm water.


A pot of milk won’t boil over if you add a glass marble, or burn if you rinse the pot with cold water first.




Add a teaspoon of butter to custard for extra flavour and to prevent the surface from forming a skin.


Push a bit of marshmallow into the bottom of an ice-cream cone to prevent the ice-cream dripping through.


Dip cookie cutters in cornflour for a perfectly cut cookie.


Coat the inside of your measuring cup with non-stick spray before measuring out sticky ingredients like honey or molasses.


At CAB Foods we celebrate all the quirks, tricks and tips bakers need to make their magic happen. We do, however, believe creating impressive and delicious bakes does not have to be difficult. This is why we dedicate all our time and energy to creating easy-to-use, time-saving baking solutions that a baker of any level would consider the ultimate hack.

Visit our stores or shop online to browse our exciting range of premixes, decorations, ingredients and utensils specially created to make your baking life better.





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