Make your own Funny Bunny!

Make your own Funny Bunny!











Draw out the template on a file folder, cut it out and then use it as the pattern for the cookies. Roll out the Soetkoekie dough fairly thick to accommodate the stick and cut out each cookie with a paring knife.  After you placed the cookies on the stoneware insert the sticks. To insert them, gently put pressure on the cookie (dough) with one hand to hold it in place, and slowly insert the stick(twisting a little to help it along) with the other hand, inserting it about halfway up. After baking let the cookies cool and firm up a bit before transferring them to a cooling rack.

IMG_1131-edited  IMG_1132-edited

After cooling completely, ice the cookies(all white except for the pink nose), and let dry completely.They may then be detailed with black royal icing or an edible marker. Let my cookies dry overnight before I applied the marker.

IMG_1159 edited  IMG_1284 edited

Voila! Now you, or your munchkins, can be a Funny Bunny!  (I had a reluctant model, but did manage to hold up the cookie and get a quick shot.)   It’s easy to make a whole family of Funny Bunnies:)  HAVE FUN!

IMG_1316 funny bunny zeke

Thanks to Munchkin Munchies ( for the amazing idea.

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