Back to School Breakfast with CAB Foods

Back to School Breakfast with CAB Foods













Starting a new grade is an important time in a child’s life.

Celebrate the new milestone and begin the year with a back-to-school tradition? It’s a fun way to bond with your child and to get rid of the first day jitters.


Here are some traditions that we at CAB Foods have started with the kids:


First Day Special Breakfast:


Celebrate the big day with a nice family breakfast.

One of our favorite breakfast treats is always flapjacks and because time is of the essence, I prepare the CAB Foods flapjack premix the night before. You can even bake a nice Banana Loaf the night before and serve that as an extra treat with your child’s normal breakfast.

Set up the table extra nice and sit down together as a family.

More great treats for breakfast:



Banana Loaf

Read more about first day of school traditions on:


Thanks Anna Maria Barbiellini for the inspiration, the first day pictures is also a must!



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First Day Picture

Get a picture of your kid every first day of school, and watch them grow. Brainstorm a special theme or pose for the pictures. Maybe in front of the same tree or spot in your home. Personalize the picture by creating a collage with your child of their current favorites (movies, books, school subjects, etc.) and then taking a picture of them holding the poster. You can later scrapbook them and give it to them when they graduate.


Use these for your kids on their first day at school! Just click on the photo and save

Available in Afrikaans and English!

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